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Acesta este un mesaj publicat in grupul de discutii jQuery UI:


I want you to build me a clone of Apples iTunes _interface_ with CSS,
XHTML and a JS framework (best would be jqueryui). I will apply the
theme myself so what I need is an index.html, css and images in
subfolders that loads in a browser and makes an exact COPY of iTunes's
gui. Each item should already have a href-tag (javascript:). All text
needs to be text not images. All must be done without tables but with
css. Please take a look at the attached mockup.

- The control buttons (play, stop, forward, volume...) need to be
single images with pressed and active states, like in itunes
- Volume slider needs to be moveable
- Display in the top, middle need to be real text, needs to work,
single images placed...
- layout needs to be flexible, full browser window size, scalable
frames (divs that is) like in itunes

You see, I need a fully working itunes guy that I can connect to my
already existing software.

My budget for this is max. $100 and I would need it very fast,
tomorrow at best. Please show me your skills somehow.

Detalii aici.

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30 nov 2009, 21:40

An offer you can't resist... :D

Have you finished it? Deadline is starting to get REALLY close now! :p


30 nov 2009, 21:46

This was posted to a public group. SO I think there should be like 5 people with the project almost done.


1 dec 2009, 09:25

We can share development and split the money if you want.....Christmas is coming :))

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