Stefan Petre

Faceted search

Work in progress.

Inspired by VisualSearch.js, with different options, less dependencies, smaller size.


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16 sep 2013, 00:17

Hey, will you put this on github please? If not, I'd be happy to mirror it for you!


11 nov 2013, 16:44

Check out we are pretty much doing the same thing?


4 dec 2013, 03:27

any update on this? or I should just use the sliptree tokenfield..


17 iun 2014, 16:13

Looks very interesting, is this on github?


13 iul 2014, 21:57

Looks really cool. Any way how I can get it? github or payed version?


12 sep 2014, 14:36

This is very interesting, congratulation!
Is there a repository where the code can be accessed ?
Thanks a lot.


26 sep 2014, 09:58

Interesting! Any news on this?

It would be even more awesome if you could add Comparison Operators so you could do something like date-tag < 2014-09-09

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