Zoomimage - jQuery plugin


Present you images in stylish way. The links are unobtrusively highjacked to open the images in an inpage popup with drop shadow and border.


  • Preloads images
  • The images can by grouped in galleries
  • Scales the image to fit the viewport
  • Keyboard gallery navigation


Images are opened relative to the trigger.

City lights Flashlight Laser lights


Centered to the viewport, border of 20 pixels and the trigger is hidden.

The Moon Drops Church

	border: 20,
	centered: true,
	hideSource: true

Custom shadow and styles, caption displayed on mouse over, no controls, use callbacks to fade in and out.

City lights Flashlight Laser lights

	controlsTrigger: 'mouseover',
	className: 'custom',
	shadow: 40,
	controls: false,
	opacity: 1,
	beforeZoomIn: function(boxID) {
		$('#' + boxID)
			.css('opacity', 0)
				{ duration: 500, queue: false }
	beforeZoomOut: function(boxID) {
		$('#' + boxID)
			.css('opacity', 1)
				{ duration: 500, queue: false }


zoomimage.zip (510 kb): jQuery, Javscript files, CSS files, images, examples and instructions.


Fixed: alert on key press
New options: preload - choose when the images are preloaded, on document load or on click
New option: className - allows you to have diferent styles on the same page
New option: controlsTrigger - show caption and controls when the mouse is over the image or when the image is focused
New option: onFocus - callback triggered when the image is focused
Fixed: keyboard navigation on Safari
The first release release.


Attach the Javascript and CSS files to your document. Edit CSS file and fix the paths to images and change colors to fit your site theme. Important: be sure to include Javascript files in the specific order as in the example below.

<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" href="css/zoomimage.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/eye.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/utils.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/zoomimage.js"></script>

Invocation code

All you have to do is to select the elements in a jQuery way and call the plugin.



A hash of parameters. All parameters are optional.

Opacity float The opacity for the caption and controls. Default: 0.3
border integer Image's border. Default: 0
duration integer Animation duration. Default 300
easing string Animation easing. Default: linear
prevent integer Pixes to move the mouse before the images is dragged (prevents accidental dragging). Default: 14
controls boolean Whatever if the controls are displayed (if the image is not part of an library then the controls are not displayed). Default: true
caption boolean Whatever if the caption is displayed (the caption text is the text from 'title' atribute. Default: true
centered boolean Whatever if the image should be centered in the viewport or relative to the trigger. Default: false
hideSource boolean Whatever to hide source when the image is opened. Default: false
className string CSS class to apply to the image's box. Default: false
controlsTrigger string 'focus' to show caption and controls when the box is focused or 'mouseover' to show controls and caption on mouse over. Default: 'focus'
preload string 'click' to preload the image when the trigger is clicked or 'load' to preload the image on document load. Default: 'click'
onLoad function Callback function triggered when the image was loaded
beforeZoomIn function Callback function triggered before the image is zoomed in
onZoomIn function Callback function triggered when the image is zooms in
beforeZoomOut function Callback function triggered before the image is zoomed out
onZoomOut function Callback function triggered when the image is zooms out
onFocus function Callback function triggered when the image is focused

Close all images and clear orphans

If you want to close all openend images or clear images without triggers (remvoed from DOM) then you can use 'zoomimageClear'. The selection for this plugin should always be 'div.zoomimage'.


Shadow settings

You can customize the shadow. To do this you have to understand how the box layout renders the shadow.

Shadow layout

Each CSS class takes care of that specific region of shadow. You have change the size and place the background image in this classes.